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OpenModelica API

A simulation backend with a REST API for the OpenModelica platform. OpenModelica is an open-source Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment intended for industrial and academic usage.

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A REST API with mobile notifications and geolocation for the HATCH Business Network, which reduces the noise of the online world and delivers to you the most relevant and meaningful business connections.

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An algorithm integrated with a logic programming approach to discover subgraphs that best explain gene expression behavior in large‐scale signaling networks using random walks (publication & repository).

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Combinatorial optimization algorithm for clustering multiplex biological networks, to determine a single representative partition of composite communities, without the need to train on known cellular interactions (publication).

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A machine learning pathway-based approach for disease classification through a mathematical programming model based on hyper-box principles (publication).

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Infection spreading

An epidemiological model that studies the spreading of a virus in communication networks of routers, the communication time of stations in ad hoc mobile networks, information spreading (such as rumor spreading) in social networks etc (publication).

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An agent based model that studies how natural selection acts upon aging. It is able to reproduce the Gompertz law of mortality and make predictions about the level of mutation rates, age at reproductive maturity and the degree of biological aging (publication & repository).

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Information Propagation

A model of information propagation in communication and social networks, where data travels in a random fashion and certain nodes are disabled. The properties of network architecture are studied using Monte Carlo simulations (publication).

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