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written on 2018-08-23

This is a post about itself

Here I am thinking: "What should I write about first on this blog?". Now, many topics come to mind (not really 😛) however, since this is the first post, I thought it was only fitting to write a bit about the software that made this website and therefore this blog possible (actually, the rest of the text is just copy-paste verbatim from their website, just to fill the rest of this post's content 😄). Now you might wonder, why would I want to read that here then and not from the original source? Well, probably because what I have here is a really cool, nice and relaxing CSS dark theme 🎉(thanks to Pixelarity of course!).

By the way, this post is written in markdown and converted to HTML. Now, here's the thing, this blog is dynamic, i.e. you can add/remove content to it from a dynamic admin interface. This website however is static. How is this possible? Enter Lektor...

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