Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Details

  • First/Last name: Aristotelis Kittas
  • Date/Place of birth: 28 October 1979, Thessaloniki, Greece


Jul 2006 - Dec 2010

PhD in Physics in Dynamics of Complex Networks, Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, grade: "Excellent".

Thesis: "Dynamic processes in complex systems using computer simulations".

Sep 2003 - Sep 2005

MSc in Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, specialized in "Nanobiotechnology", IPGP Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, grade 9.0/10, "Excellent".

Thesis: "Monte Carlo Simulations and Dynamics: Particle population and transport systems".

Sep 1998 - Jun 2003

Diploma in Biology, Biology Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, grade 7.3/10, "Very Good".

Thesis: "Applications of neural networks in predicting the concentration of toxin Microcystin LR in water reservoirs".

Military Service

I have fulfilled my military duties in the Greek infantry army from 11/2009 to 08/2010.

Foreign Languages

  • English: Proficient (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)
  • German: Beginner (A1)
  • Greek (Native)

Teaching Experience

Sep 2011 - Jun 2012

Teaching Assistant at the graduate course "Systems Biology (M8.C3)" for Master in Systems Biology, Institute of Medical Biometry and Informatics, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany (28h total).

Sep 2007 - Jun 2008

Teaching Assistant at the graduate course in the Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Program (IPGP) Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: "Models & Theories of Molecular Dynamic Processes" (28h per annum).

Sep 2006 - Jun 2008

Teaching Assistant at the undergraduate courses in the Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: i) "Computational Solid State Physics", ii) "Applied Computational Physics" (56h per annum).


I have supervised several MSc and PhD students over the course of my academic years, many of whom are collaborators in my published work.

Projects and Grants

May 2015 - Jan 2016

The Leverhulme Trust: "A unified framework for formulating and solving optimisation problems of multiple classes".

May 2013 - May 2015

The Leverhulme Trust: "Community structure detection in complex networks".

Mar 2010 - Aug 2013

BMBF GERONTOSYS: Stromal Aging: "A Systems Biology approach to further fundamental understanding of fibroblast aging and possibly rejuvenation".

Dec 2006 - Nov 2009

INTERCONY: "Interface Controlled Nucleation and Crystallization for Nanoparticle Synthesis".

Dec 2004 - Dec 2007

NEST – Pathfinder-1: Tackling complexity in science: "DYSONET – Human Behavior Through Dynamics of Complex Social Networks: An Interdisciplinary Approach".

Sep 2005 - Aug 2007

DAC Hellenic Aid: "Computer Cluster for Collaboration between the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Tirana".


For a complete list of my publications in peer reviewed journals check my Google Scholar profile.

Computer Programming

  • MS Windows/Linux
Scientific Computing
  • Python ecosystem: numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, sympy, pyomo, pandas, networkx etc...
  • R, Sage, Mathematica, MATLAB, Origin, Cytoscape
Software Development
  • C, C++, PHP (good knowledge)
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, C# .NET (very good knowledge)
  • Python (excellent knowledge)
  • Version Control: Git, Mercurial, SVN
  • Agile Development: Kanban, Scrum
Web Development
  • Backend: Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, FastAPI
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Frontend: Vue.js, Bootstrap
  • Web Services: REST, GraphQL
  • Static Site Generation: Lektor
  • Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Gitlab CI/CD

Professional Experience

Feb 2022 - Present

Software Developer at modulus S.A.

Python Backend Developer (Django, Django REST Framework, MariaDB)

Sep 2020 - Jan 2022

Software Developer at noris M.I.K.E.

Python Developer for in-house power usage software (asyncio, multiprocessing, multithreading, pymodbus)

Sep 2016 - Aug 2020

Web Developer (Freelance)

• Backend: Django, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL

• Frontend: Vue.js, Bootstrap

May 2015 - Jan 2016

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Combinatorial Optimization & Scientific Software Development, Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London, UK.

May 2013 - Apr 2015

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Modeling of Complex Networks, Department of Informatics, King's College London, London, UK.

May 2011 - Mar 2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computational & Systems Biology, National Center for Tumor Diseases, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.

Jul 2006 - Oct 2010

PhD Candidate in Physics with thesis title: "Dynamic processes in complex networks", Computational Physics Group, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Military Hiatus: November 2009 - August 2010, due to mandatory army service.

Jun 2005 - Jun 2006

IT support specialist for the computer cluster of the Computational Physics Group, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sep 2004 - Jun 2007

Biology Tutor to high school students for their preparation for the national exams in private school Anatoliko", Thessaloniki, Greece.

Jan 2002 - Sep 2002

IT Support Specialist at Control System, Thessaloniki, Greece.